The Natural Pet

Twenty years ago Bonnie established The Natural Pet - a company specifically created to help owners learn about feeding their dogs a natural, healthy diet which supports the philosophy of natural dog training.


 Bonnie Stokely

About The Natural Pet

Our Vision

Bonnie Stokely has been in the business of dogs for over 25 years. Her love of dogs and dedication to the health of her own dogs led her to become a professional expert in the field of canine care and nutrition.

Our Mission

To guide owners in their quest to raise and cherish their dogs in a healthy, natural and loving environment.

Our Projects

Bonnie has previously owned and operated San Diego's largest and longest established Dog Training Company and Doggie Daycare. Bonnie is currently working on a line of essential oil therapies for dogs.

Learn More

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  • Great food
    Even finicky eaters find the kibbles tasty.

  • Excellent Food
    I love the ease of ordering and the fact that it comes right to my front door!! She has been eating thid food ever since she was a pup

  • A miracle!
    This product is truly a miracle. I have a senior Jack Russell terrier that no longer has joint problems, ever since I started him on this food. In addition, all of his skin allergies are gone and he is no longer itching like he used to. The strangest thing of all is that he looks and acts like a young puppy!

  • Great dog food
    This is the only dry food my dogs will eat