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In 2015, it was estimated that $58 billion was spent on our pets in the U.S.

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I believe in being honest and upfront. While MLM's are NOT pyramid schemes, the truth is building down-lines allows you the opportunity to make a very good income. All up-lines benefit from the sales of their down-lines. However, so does the down-line: You make a commission on your sales and your up-line also makes a percentage.

The possibiities are endless:

I have never focused on building my down-lines as my goal has always been to help people discover a healthy lifestyle in the hopes of keeping their beloved pet out of the vets office and in their owners lives for a long, long time. My groups tend to build slowly and naturally which I feel makes more sense. Quality of life is an intrinsic part of my dedication as a pet owner and human being. I know I am not unique in my goals.

I started out small and built my business in measured steps. I talked to my family members, friends and clients and taught them what I had researched and discovered about pet nutrition and health. They in turn used the products and did the same. I then branched out and spoke to groomers, vets, local pet stores and other pet health related business owners. The result was that, after over 17 years, I have done well, expanded my business and now am making a very comfortable living selling products I use and believe in. More importantly; I know that I have helped pet owners across the country bring their dogs and cats to optimum health! You can too - But, it does take some time and effort!

The pet business is fun and rewarding so most find the work extremely enjoyable. The links below will direct you to the site that I own and manage for that specific company and will provide you with details as well as forms to use to apply for a distributorship. If you see a Video Graphic, please click on that graphic first as that will give you a brief overview of that companies opportunity.

Life's Abundance Opportunity

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4Life Transfer Factor Opportunity

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Young Living Opportunity

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BARFWorld Opportunity

If you are interested in learning more about selling BARF Raw food for Dogs and Cats, please call me at 800-780-4302. I will walk you through the process and arrange a conference call with BARFWorld.

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Help and Coaching

I love my job - bringing health and happiness to people and their beloved pets. For many of the opportunities, the companies themselves offer great support and training - FREE of charge. I am always here to help guide you as well!

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