Dogs and Ear Infections

 Over-vaccination, administration of antibiotics, diets that contribute to the overproduction of yeast in the body; all probable culprits.

Chronic Ear Infections

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Stan Chillin In BucketEar infections are one of the most common ailments that dogs experience. And they experience them for a variety of reasons. The chronic ear infection is a separate matter altogether.

Chronic ear infections most likely stem from a much larger health issue. It is most often believed by holistic vets to be triggered by immune system deficiencies and imbalances.

Unfortunately most vets continue to over-vaccinate dogs and only treat the symptoms of ear infections with antibiotics, antifungals and other drugs including steroids. Once a dog develops an ear infection, conventional treatments can make the problem worse. Ear infections treated this way, and without the correction of potential underlying causes, often persist or recur. Dogs can and do develop a resistance to the mélange of drugs that vets use to treat infections. It is a vicious cycle with no end in sight and usually results in our beloved dogs unnecessarily suffering many times throughout their lifetime.

Ear problems often go hand in hand with food-based allergies and sensitivities. Dogs who are often plagued with itchy skin and hot spots frequently suffer with ear issues as well.


Often the first sign of an ear infection is the dog shaking his head. The ear canal may appear red and inflamed and might even feel warmer than the surrounding areas - sometimes considered "hot". Often an unpleasant, yeasty or musty odor emanates from the ear. This smell is often accompanied by a dark reddish-brown "tarry" substance.

Holistic Help For Dogs With Ear Infections

It is best to treat the "whole dog" which includes ear maintenance and diet.

Ear Cleaning and Care

Diet, Allergies and Immune System

Building a strong, healthy immune system, coupled with routine ear maintenance can help you reduce and possibly eliminate recurrences of ear infections. A healthy dog has a much better chance of fighting off infections and keeping you and him out of the vets office. Eliminating allergy causing ingredients from your dogs diet is a key factor in building and supporting your dogs immune system.

The most common symptoms of allergies:

Dog Food Recommendation

Flint River Ranch Trout and Potato
BARF Raw Dog Food
Life's Abundance

Building a Healthy Immune System in Your Dog is Vital

Remember that with dogs, a little goes a long way. For any of the recommendations we offer, please use small doses, treatments and amounts to start. Start slowly to build up your dog’s acceptance, tolerance and conditioning to each suggested solution. Natural remedies take time so don’t give up if you do not see an immediate improvement. Most dogs will experience improvement gradually and over a period of 3 to 12 weeks. 

Supplements for a Healthy Canine Immune System

It is best to start our pups on immune support before allergies ever begin. Diet and supplements are the most important aspect of overall pet health. The following ingredients are helpful in supporting a healthy immune system: 

Atlantic Sea Kelp, Blue, Green Algae: Aids in digestion, is high in antioxidants and helps to detoxify the body, Borage Seed Oil, Chlorella: Seaweed high in Vitamins A & C, as well as Iron and calcium, Dried Berries (cranberry and blueberry): High in antioxidants, Marine Algae: high in Vitamin C., Wheat Grass – an anti-inflammatory.