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Life's Abundance has never been involved in a pet food recall.


Life's Abundance Dog and Cat Food - Never Recalled!

John and Bonnie Rubin - The Natural PetWe have been representatives of Life's Abundance for over 10 years. Our search to improve the overall health of our beloved dogs drove us to learn more about pet food, ingredients used in dog food and the manufacturing process as well as guidelines that control the pet food industry as a whole.

This journey started for us in 1990 when our own dogs began to suffer from diseases and maladies we had never experienced as dog owners. Being pet professionals as well, we also suffered along with each owner we worked with whose own beloved pets became sick or perished from what we considered unusual, or at least, unnecessary circumstances we were convinced were diet related.

Our research was eye-opening to be sure, devastating to our core and a true driving force behind what we do today and where our company has a primary focus: Canine nutrition, health and wellness! As professional dog trainers and behaviorists we understood decades ago that behavior and health go hand-in-hand. 

MLM - Yes... Yes It Is

I have read a recent account of one former associate of Life's Abundance account of her experiences and subsequent departure from LA. As far as I can tell she has been gracious and honest about her experience. I cannot say I have had the same, obviously, but I understand how what she experienced created the reaction she has to Life's Abundance.

Like our own experiences with certain products and ingredients, she discovered her dogs had issues with what she was told, by her veterinarian, was an allergic reaction to chicken (a highly prominent ingredient in LA products). She was to discover later that chicken was not the issue; I can tell you from my many years of experience and research that not only is this a common thought and conclusion, chicken as part of a dogs diet, is rarely, if ever, the problem. The source, quality and preparation may be but that is a much longer discussion.

Her other issue with Life's Abundance is clearly the sales and marketing concept. I agree. I too am not a fan of the upline/downline money making model. This has caused me to not be, let's say, "embraced" by my upline or the company. But, because I knew this going in, and since LA is not my first MLM rodeo, I am okay with this. Obviously for the former LA rep, it was too much for her which I can fully understand.

I am most fortunate that due to my own business that created a local and national website presence in the pet industry, I have done well with Life's Abundance - in spite of their ambivalence towards my not pushing the MLM way of life. This is not to say that I won't teach and support those who are interested - I do have a "naturally" acquired downline of very dedicated and wonderful canine advocates. However, what this should mean to all is that I still very much believe in the Life's Abundance product line.

My Recipe For Avoiding A Dog Food Recall

Learn How to Read Labels

Most of you have read or been told this many times but it has never been truer or more important than it is today. With so many new players in the market, and due to the explosion of the natural food concept, you must know more to stay safe. There is plenty of information out there and I know this task can be daunting. But, learn we must. I highly recommend the Dog Food Advisor. This site's owner has been through what many of us have - the death of a beloved dog due to a dog food recall. He went the extra mile, did years of research and came through all of it with a thorough understanding resulting in an amazing website that is untainted by advertisers and industry backers.

Don't Believe Everything You Read

There is plenty to read and a never-ending deluge of opinion-based websites and blogs concerned with what to feed your dogs. Most, though well-intentioned, are rubbish. The result of reading up on dog food, ingredients, manufacturers and recalls will most likely just add to your confusion. I talk to no less than twenty callers per week that cannot make any sense out of the information they have assembled and are simply ready to give up and just go by their vets recommendation. I beg them not to. This, in my opinion, is perhaps the heart of the problem. I feel that veterinarians are just as confused as the rest of us and so too often many defer to the manufacturers rep that shows up every few months to push their product.

RAW, Home-Cooked or Manufactured Dog Food?

By now you may know that we use and recommend several methods of healthy feeding options. The reason is simply this; every dog and owner have different needs. What we have always supported is the different needs of each family and what we have found to be the best options available. Our choices are based upon understanding ingredients, knowing the manufacturers we do deal with and our quest to stay abreast of current discoveries of nature and science that support wellness and longevity for ourselves and our dogs.

Our own dogs needs have changed throughout their lifetimes. Genetics works for dogs as it does for humans. Paramount to this for dogs are breed differences and breeding practices. We must learn, adapt and adjust for the sake of our dogs.

Don't Be Afraid to Call

Once you have learned a bit about ingredients, and worked around the exaggerated opinions regarding them, and possily discarded your vets recommendations, you're now primed and ready for the next step. Because I believe that so many are logical, curious and well-intentioned dog owners, I suggest the following:

Pet food manufacturers are in the business of pet health aren't they? If they do not appear to be cooperative or strive to be transparent then I see no reason to trust them with the health of your family.

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John and Bonnie Rubin have been in the business of dogs for over 25 years. Their love of dogs and dedication to the health of their own dogs led them to become professional experts in the field of canine care and nutrition.

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  • Great food
    Even finicky eaters find the kibbles tasty. I have tried many foods with different combinations, but the Flint River Ranch Adult and Puppy food gets eaten every day by my Bichon Frise.

  • Excellent Food
    Our Basset Hound loves the duck & oatmeal recipe! And I love the ease of ordering and the fact that it comes right to my front door!! She has been eating Flint River Ranch since she was a pup

  • A miracle!
    This product is truly a miracle. I have a senior Jack Russell terrier that no longer has joint problems, ever since I started him on this food. In addition, all of his skin allergies are gone and he is no longer itching like he used to. The strangest thing of all is that he looks and acts like a young puppy!

  • Great dog food
    This is the only dry food my dogs will eat